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Ūͪ ٻѡɳѹ⩺ ѹ ٻçǺҧ

ID : HP v150w USB Flash Drive

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: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB ...
Ҵ : 55.0mm (L) x 17.2mm (W) x 9.5mm (H)
: Custom Flash Drive, USB Flash Drive, Thumb Drive, Handy Drive
: USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Ѻк : Windows: 7, 8, 10 / Mac OS: 10.3 and above
: Black
ѺСѹ : Limited 2-Year Warranty

Ūͪ ٻѡɳѹ⩺ ѹ ٻçǺҧ

Ū觷 ҧʹ PVC ٻç 2D 3D ٻ ѺԵ١ 

ٻҧҧ Ẻͧ١ (Rubber/Soft PVC Flash drive) ѺСѹ 5



Ѻ Ūͪ ٻѡɳѹ⩺ ѹ ٻçǺҧ

çҹԵ USB ТŪ쿾ʡչ Ѻ usb ҧ ҤҶ١

ʹ觷Өҡ١ҡ 2000 CP, Mercedes Benz, Starbucks, Toyota, UN



ѺԵ Ūͪ ٻѡɳѹ⩺ ѹ ٻçǺҧ

ѺԵТ Ū쿾 ͧ֡ ͧ ͧᨡ ͧ 觷 觼Ե

Ҵ / : 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB



The modern, sleek design of the HP v150w offers the ultimate mobile storage solution to store and share your music, photos, files and more.

- Offers a sleek and slim storage solution with a sliding capless design

- The durable design and black piano finish makes a perfect complement to Ultrabooks

- The integrated key loop easily attaches to key chains, backpacks, etc., so important files are always within reach



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